Personal Training

Individual or semi-private training sessions with Laura, available in half-hour or hour-long sessions, at IronWolf or in your own home.

Small Group Training (SGT)

Strength (SGT)… Supplement Iron Cardio with strength and skills training in a small group format. (Form your own group and request your own day/time.)

Regular Group Classes

Iron Cardio… The foundation class of IronWolf Training! Burn fat, build muscle. It’s athletic, functional, high intensity, total body strengthening and firming. No one struggles alone…come and feel the team camaraderie and be a part of the pack! *Advance registration by noon of previous day required. Contact Laura to register.

Primal Instinct… High intensity interval training (HIIT) mixed with body weight drills. Perfect for burning fat, increasing VO2 max, training for a Spartan stadium race, or just to improve general conditioning. *Advance registration by noon of previous day required. Contact Laura to register.

Primal Strength… 30 min of Primal Instinct followed by 30 min of strength training. Burn fat, build muscle, and blast through a full body workout. *Advance registration by noon of previous day required. Contact Laura to register.

Specially Scheduled Personal or Group Training

Spartan SGX With IronWolf… Prepare for your next obstacle course race by training the muscle groups and energy systems needed throughout the course, in a way that will mimic a traditional race. This class will identify your strengths and weaknesses in OCR and take you to the next level. It will also include obstacle specific training to improve your performance on each challenge.

Outdoor Course Training (OCT)… Nothing like being challenged by your own bodyweight (and maybe a brick or 2) in the great outdoors! Dates, times, and locations of these classes will be announced prior to each class. Contact Laura to have your name added to the invite list and to receive the ‘packing’ list.

Track Plus… Those that can run, should! Schedule your cardio challenge and increase your VO2 max, tone up and shred fat off your body, and take your fitness level up a notch with various track drills and supplemental exercises for a full body, intense workout.

To schedule your appointment, contact Laura at (434) 987-9653 or email at

Laura’s workouts are not for slackers, but if you want to change your body and improve your fitness level in record time without getting bored, she knows how to get you there!
-Carolyn Betts, 58, Commercial Real Estate broker

If you’re looking for a workout that gets you out of your comfort zone, this is the place.
–Greg, 43, Real Estate broker

Laura beautifully walks the line between safety and motivating me to work harder and push myself to new places. I have surprised myself with my own strength and endurance. Laura is a mad genius.
–Carrie, 40, Grad Student

After my mastectomy and reconstructive surgeries, Laura helped me get healthy and build muscle. She continuously adjusts my workout to push me beyond what I think possible. At the same time, she watches my form to keep me safe. I feel great!
–Elaine, 54, Librarian

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