Personal Training

One person
  • 30-min: $45
  • 30-min (5) pkg: $215
  • 30-min (10) pkg: $400
  • 1-hour: $89
  • 1-hour (5) pkg: $420
  • 1-hour (10) pkg: $790
Two people
  • 30-min: $30/person
  • 30-min (5) pkg: $140/person
  • 30-min (10) pkg: $260/person
  • 1-hour: $55/person
  • 1-hour (5) pkg: $260/person
  • 1-hour (10) pkg: $500/person

Group Classes

All class packages must be used within 60 days of purchase.

  • 1 class: $26
  • 5-class pkg: $120
  • 10-class pkg: $220

Small Group Training

(3-5 people)

  • 30-min:
  • 3 people: $25/person
    4 people: $21/person
    5 people: $17/person

  • 1-hour:
  • 3 people: $40/person
    4 people: $35/person
    5 people: $30/person

Personal Training in Your Own Home

If you prefer to workout in your own home with me, there is an additional $20 fee per visit for in-home training within the Charlottesville city limits.

Written Workouts

(personalized programs, tailored to your needs and goals, to do on your own)

  • 1: $25
  • 2: $40
  • 3: $50


All training is pre-paid with Venmo, check or cash.


10% discount extended on all purchases for military, police, and fire.


All scheduled appointments require 24 hours for cancellations or client will be charged.


To schedule your appointment, contact Laura at (434) 987-9653 or email at ironwolftraining@gmail.com.

Laura has an uncanny ability to sense a person’s state of mind, as well as his or her level of motivation, during a workout. Thanks to Laura, I am now (at sixty) in the best shape of my life!
-Kathy K, 60, U.S. Government Analyst, U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.)

Laura’s classes are fun and energetic, and she drives me to push my limits every single time.
–Sean, 40, Engineer

Laura’s gym is special because she not only delivers an intense and challenging work out, but she’s created a community of people that’s supportive and fun. I’ve achieved fitness goals I never thought myself capable of. Iron Wolf Training has truly changed my life for the better!
–Erin, 40, Research Scientist

We are here

IronWolf Training
700 Harris Street
Charlottesville, VA 22903
(434) 987-9653

Come on by

We open every weekday at 6am.
Locker rooms and showers are available at the gym.
Stop by and experience the challenge.

Current Class Schedule

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