Yoga & Meditation

Lynsie McKeown |

Lynsie’s philosophy and ways of teaching help develop breath control, techniques to quiet the mind and redirect your thoughts, and to experience yoga as a healing and meditation practice. She will guide you to heal, transform and thrive!

Integrative Healing Bodywork

Paula Candler |

A deeply restorative and magical blend of Structural Integration (Rolfing), Energy Balancing, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Astrological data and more … a unique approach combining science and intuition, providing ease for the structure and clarity of mind … a deep breath for both the body and the soul.


Mila Zimmerman |

Acupuncture is used to prevent and treat disease, relieve pain, balance mood, enhance athletic performance, increase fertility, and improve overall health and wellness. It is a safe, effective, chemical-free way to promote the body’s remarkable self-healing abilities.

I have some limitations from previous injuries. Laura is a master at offering alternative, yet equally challenging, exercises for me. I get stronger, physically and mentally, with every workout. I am convinced that my training at IronWolf has postponed my need for knee replacement surgery by years!
-Bonnie L., 56, Psychotherapist

I run Spartan races. Laura’s high intensity interval training classes have improved my aerobic conditioning, made me stronger and better at obstacle completion — and my race times are faster.
–Matt Hodges, 52, Sales Manager

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